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Truck Make Year Body Make Size/Capacity State VIN or Stock# Price Descending
2007 Sterling Johnston VT650 Vac Street Sweeper

2007 Sterling Acterra Vacuum Sweeper, CAT C7, Allison Auto Transmission, 18,931 Miles, A/C, Cruise,...

Sterling 2007 Johnston 8.5 Yd CA 1351280 Call For Price
2007 International Tymco 500X Regen Air Sweeper

2007 International 4300 Regenerative Air Street Sweeper, DT466 (210 HP), Allison 2500 RDS P Auto...

International 2007 Tymco 5.7 YD CA 1400790 Call For Price
2008 Chevrolet Tymco 600 Vacuum Air Street Sweeper

2008 Chevrolet T7500 Air Street Sweeper, Isuzu 7.8L, Allison Auto Transmission, 69,804 Miles, A/C,...

Chevrolet 2008 Tymco 7.3 Yd CA 1333775 Call For Price
2005 Freightliner Johnston VT650 Street Sweeper

2005 Freightliner FC80 Vacuum Sweeper, Cummins ISB (200HP), Allison 2500 RDS Auto...

Freightliner 2005 Johnston 8.5 Yards CA 1345970 Call For Price
2004 Freightliner Johnston 770 Cyclone Vac Sweeper

2004 Freightliner FC80 Air Sweeper, Cummins ISB 5.9L, Allison 2000P Auto Transmission, 60,520...

Freightliner 2004 Johnston 8.6 Yd CA 1253350 Call For Price
2009 GMC Schwarze A9000 CNG Air Street Sweeper

2009 GMC T7500 Vacuum Street Sweeper, Isuzu 7.8L CNG - Compressed Natural Gas, Allison Auto...

GMC 2009 Schwarze 9.6 YD CA 1359199 Call For Price
2006 Sterling Schwarze A9000 Air Vac Street Sweepr

2006 Sterling SC8000 Air Power Sweeper, Cummins ISB, Allison 2500 RDS Auto Transmission, 90,581...

Sterling 2006 Schwarze 9.6 Yd CA 1372960 Call For Price
2007 Freightliner FC80, Johnston VT800 Sweeper

2007 Freightliner FC80 Air Sweeper, Cummins ISB, Allison 3500 RDS Auto, 43,657 Miles, A/C, Cruise,...

Freightliner 2007 Johnston 10.5 Yards CA 1317977 Call For Price
2008 Isuzu Johnston RT655 Air Street Sweeper

2008 Isuzu FTR Air Sweeper for Sale, 7.8L Diesel, Auto Transmission, 37,457 Miles, Air Brakes, Dual...

Isuzu 2008 Johnston 8.5 Yd CA 1327099 Call For Price
2000 Freightliner FC70 Johnston 605 Vacuum Sweeper

2000 Freightliner FC70 Vacuum Sweeper, Cummins ISB, Allison 2000P Auto Transmission, 63,008 Miles,...

Freightliner 2000 Johnston 8.5 YD CA 1318240 Call For Price
2007 Sterling Schwarze A7000 CNG Air Sweeper

2007 Sterling SC8000 Air Street Sweeper, Cummins ISB, Compressed Natural Gas, 64,050 Miles, Allison...

Freightliner 2007 Schwarze 8.4 Yd CA 1279480 Call For Price
2008 Isuzu Tymco DST-6 Dustless SS Sweeper

2008 Isuzu T7F Air Street Sweeper, Isuzu 7.8L (260HP), Allison Auto Transmission, 23,479 Miles,...

Isuzu 2008 Tymco 7.3 YD CA 1389850* Call For Price
2006 Sterling Schwarze A9000 Regen Air Sweeper

2006 Sterling SC8000 Air Power Sweeper, Cummins ISB, Allison 2500 RDS Auto Transmission, 57,018...

Sterling 2006 Schwarze 9.6 YD CA 1341770 Call For Price