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GSP Marketing, Incorporated is proud to offer the G-S Products family of mobile solid waste and recycling equipment. This line of highly specialized collection equipment incorporates quality and efficiency for today's refuse/recycling market. Design concepts proven through decades of use in the waste industry coupled with application specific innovation; give the G-S Products family outstanding performance and lasting value.

Time is money in the solid waste and recycling industry. Let us save you both with our highly efficient line of refuse and waste hauling trucks. Our product line includes automated side loaders, hopper side loaders and container side loaders. Our products are available in various sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader  - Call For Price


Ad began: Jun 28, 2023
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G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader

  • G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader
  • G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader
  • G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader
  • G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader
  • G-S Products CSD30 MaxiSTAR, 30 Yd Side Loader

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Body Model CDS30 MidSTAR


Cover more route stops with the truck that combines speed,

strength, agility and simple to maintain features.

The CSD30 MaxiSTAR offers one of the fastest cycle times in the refuse industry. With its speed and large capacity, this unit not only saves you time, but money. Need proof, ask one of our sales professionals for an

on-site demonstration.


The CSD30 MaxiSTAR’s long reach and narrow lift system is exclusively available with our route-proven dump body. This safe and stable lift arm system is designed with an easy-to-maintain lift/dump motion. Other low maintenance features include a simple electrical system that requires no air limit, or proximity switches on the lift mechanism. There is no need for PLC or computer control of lift or packer.


Plus, we keep you on budget. The CSD30 MaxiSTAR is the right solution with an affordable price tag, low maintenance features and a trained service team to back you up.


Constructed for Maximum Durability

The CSD30 MaxiSTAR features our route-proven continuous pack, telescopic dump body platform on a straight frame chassis. Roof and sides are constructed of 10 gauge steel. The tailgate is 12 gauge steel with a Hardox® 450 Steel floor. Versatile container-friendly design for 32 to 100 gallon containers. Available with a 3.8 cubic yard hopper (20 second packer cycle time at 1200 R.P.M.).



Easy to Maintain

The CSD30 MaxiSTAR offers a cost effective tandem-section gear type pump at 36 G.P.M at 800 R.P.M. Nylatron® non-lube wear guides on horizontal slides that are replaceable without track disassembly.


Maximum Productivity and Safety

Low container dump height with a shrouded hopper to reduce blown debris. Lift arm horizontal and vertical supports are centered in relationship to the hopper and the load to be lifted — this means less wear and fewer parts to be replaced. LED body and work lights along with up to four optional cameras for operator safety and ease-of-operation.


Reduced Fuel Consumption

Fuel efficient engine idle operation of lift saves not only fuel but, engine wear.



Best Payload for Supreme Productivity

Our unique body is designed to collect more and meet legal payloads.

• 13 and 15 Cubic Yard Capacity MiniSTAR
• 20 Cubic Yard Capacity MidSTAR

Schedule an on-site demonstration for your routes.

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