Need a Refuse Truck for 1-6 months? Our short-term rental programs aim to support your needs for contract start-ups, seasonal demands, ongoing maintenance challenges, and much more. At Big Truck Rental, our goal is to provide easy and painless solutions. In most cases, we get you the truck that you need within 48 hours.

• New Growth Opportunities
• Contract Start-ups
• Late Delivery on New Trucks
• Seasonal Demands
• Storm Cleanups
• Financing Delays
For all refuse rental needs of 6 months or longer, Big Truck Rental has you covered. Our long-term rental programs are designed to be flexible, nimble and most importantly adapt to your growing and changing business. From aging fleets to balance sheet flexibility, Big Truck Rental’s modern approach to fleet management gives you the nimbleness to grow or shrink your fleet, so you can efficiently operate your business.

• Service Short-Term Contracts
• Ramp-up for Acquisitions
• Capital Constraints
• Lack of Truck Availability
• Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs
• Route Growth & Changes

Like our trucks, our rental plans are flexible and built to suit your fleet needs. Need a truck for the short term or long term, but want to leave the door open to purchase the rental unit? With our rent-to-purchase program, we put you in the driver’s seat. Select your truck, avoid waits and financing, run your route and build your equity as you rent.

• Balance Sheet Flexibility
• Capital Constraints
• Growth Opportunities
• Lack of Truck Availability
• Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs
• Ramp-Up for Acquisitions