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Johnny Jaws Dumps REAR Loader Cans with Your FRONT LOADER!

  • Johnny Jaws Dumps REAR Loader Cans with Your FRONT LOADER!
  • Engages Container at the Strongest Point
  • Installs at Your Location in One Day
  • Safer – Operator Remains in the Cab
  • Faster – Dumps Rear Load Can in Under a Minute
  • More Efficient – Cuts Route Time and Overhead
  • Proven in the Lab and on the Job...Guaranteed

Basic Information

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  • Any
  • Any



...Enables Any Front Loader to ALSO Dump Rear Load Cans!

For More Information...
Call Rich, 724-263-1744, or Email rich@johnnyjaws.com

How does Johnny Jaws work?
Johnny Jaws engages the rear-load containers at their strongest points, this is where the sides, front, top and trunion all come together.  This area is stronger then the currently location being used in a traditional dumping because it is closer to the weldment of the gussets, trunion and walls and Johnny Jaws 5.0 also utilzes a greater area with our Can Cushions Technology.  

Armed with Johnny Jaws any front loader can now service your rear-load AND all your front load cans, on the same route, at the same time and never have to leave the safety of the cab!

Features and Benefits of dumping rear load cans with a
front-loader armed with a Johnny Jaws 5.0

  • Safer: enables the operator to remain in the cab
  • Faster: dump a rear load can in under a minute
  • Installs at your location in one day.
  • Pneumatic powered 
  • Front loader will dump both front and rear load cans
  • Fully insured
  • Easy to operate
  • Just plain SMARTER
  • At a 55 :1 ROI $$$
The only product of its kind... 
  • No competitors.
  • Virtually eliminates the rear-load truck.
  • Installs on new/used front-loaders.
  • Maximizes route density thus freeing up drivers
  • Truck still services all front-load cans,
  • And now all ANSI standard rear-load cans up to 4 cubic yards.
  • Keep your current inventory of rear load cans
  • No major changes to the truck, body, or fork assembly,
  • Accommodates most grabbers and residential cans.
  • Eliminates the purchasing, lettering and switching of cans
  • Cuts route overhead up to 50% the first day.
  • Proven in the lab and on the job.. guaranteed.
  • We safely train your new front load operators
  • Sounds to good to be true? ... Oh yes it does ...but it is.!!!!
Patented and Sold Exclusively Through Johnny Jaws North America, LLC
For More Information...
Call Rich, 724-263-1744, or Email rich@johnnyjaws.com


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