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The 3rd Man Tipper was originally developed in 1996.  Our cart tipper design was quite an innovation because we had a tipper that addressed the industry wide problem of cart bottom bar damage.  We introduced a patented spring shock system that gently secures the bottom bar on carts and acts like a shock absorber.  The lower hooking mechanism was also effective in preventing damage because it insured complete release of the cart well above ground.  Cart bottom bar damage was virtually eliminated by the use of our unit.

All of The 3rd Man rear and side load cart tippers are compatible with domestic two bar carts.  Our rear load hydraulic cylinder units have simple and compact designs that do not require any lifting arms, and as a result, have fewer moving parts, reducing cost. Our units are also durable because they are designed with shock and corrosion resistant, self-aligning steel ball bushings that require low maintenance.  Other advantages of The 3rd Man include higher than standard rated weight capacities and steep dump angles.

The 3rd Man rear load and side load style cart tippers from Diamondback Products offer many value-added features that are not available with other units on the market today.  We can help you with the installation, sales, and service of our cart tippers, and if you were to ever need assistance, we will always be there to help.

The 3rd Man will, without a doubt, save you money.

Our standard Model 100 rear loader cart tipper utilizes a patented spring operated lower bar assembly that reduces shock and wear on the tipper unit and carts.

Our short Model 200 rear load cart tipper is kicker bar compatible, measures a slim 16W x 19L x 4.5L inches, and provides about 20 inches of ground clearance.

Our Model 450 side load cart tiper is designed with the largest and most powerful helical rotary actuator used in the solid waste industry today.

Our Model 500 rear load cart tipper is also designed with the largest and most powerful helical rotary actuator used in the solid waste industry today. The Model 500 cart tipper rotates back under the hopper for the most possible ground clearance available.

The Model 600 rear loader tipper is our heaviest duty model. The 600 has a steep 45 degree dump angle and can handle carts weighing up to 400 lbs, with a 6-8 second cycle time. The sweeping action of the top bar allows for easier cart engagement on uneven ground, and the cart lifter rotates back under the hopper to allow for the most possible ground clearance.

Our Model 350 Combo tipper is deisgned for European refuse vehicles. Its fully adjustable top and bottom bar holders will fit all chassis heights and can accommodate both domestic style carts and most European style carts without bottom bars.


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